Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Number 23: The Head of the Minotaur

The content here was inspired by some of Picasso's work from the 1930s.

With this piece I have started to integrate into the design a protective case for this type of piece. Since this is high-relief, and has a painted surface instead of the apparent cast metal, I felt I needed to build a shipping crate around the piece to protect it for storage and shipping. If you have every seen art being shipped to and from museums you will notice that each piece has it's own custom made crate. When I look at this piece on the wall, it reminds me of art sitting it it's own crate as you might see it with the lid removed. This art however is never removed from the plywood surround, and in fact is meant to be displayed like this, although it could be framed. I like the contrast between the rough, functional plywood and the smooth glassy and polished metal look of the rest. Form AND function.

Wood, epoxy, spray paint, spackle.
14.5" H., 11.5" W.

This is the protective lid I built for shipping and storage puposes

Friday, April 20, 2012

Number 22: The Warning

I want this image to read as an abstraction and representation at almost the same time.
abstraction = a red "X" and a red circle.
Representation = an upside down figure in a pose of some distress.
I feel the finished product sort of behaves like signage, hence "The Warning"
This piece also felt like it had a hint of "alien artifact" feel to it.

Part of where I believe this shape comes from (in the depths of my subconscious) is the scarecrow shape from the original Planet of the apes (screen shot below)

Wood, acrylic, epoxy, spray paint, caulk, spackle, metal.
15"H. 12"W.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Number 21: Fetish heart

Going for the look of dirty welded steel and rubber. I'm using a valentine heart again, this time right-side-up, but black.
At bottom is a few detail shots to show the faux welds. Click on images for enlarged view.

Wood, acrylic, epoxy, spray paint, caulk, spackle, screws.
13.5"H. 10"W.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Number 20: flaming sword redux

I'm revisiting some content from about a year ago on this piece.
It was an icon to hang paint and materials on, and I wanted to see how it would look, given my current processes.

Wood, acrylic, epoxy, spray paint, sculpey, spackle
18"H. 5.5"W.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Number 19: The Unicorn

The subject of many of my previous pieces had a very "testosteronie" content (i.e. skulls, swords, etc.)
I wondered what I would come up with if I moved 180 degrees.
I have been fascinated by the color pink, as it seems to be the only gender-specific color. So that was the first step.
For content I guess I'm sort of trying to channel the aesthetic of an 11-year old girl, hence: the unicorn, and tiara.
I feel this still falls within the range of mythical content that appeals to me.

Wood, acrylic, epoxy, spackle, glitter, tiara,
17"H. 14"W.

Here is a sort of "moodboard" I came up with early on.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Number 17

This is a wall-hanging relief piece titled "number 17"

The content is a skull with a crown looking as if they are made of pressed brass/tin. It is a faux-finish approach to the material as it is in fact, spray paint on wood. The death's head has a rich history in art, and I love it as the archetypal symbol. in this case it's a loaded symbol to hang paint on. I also included my sketchbook thumbnail at the bottom

Wood, acrylic, epoxy, glass, spray paint
15"H. 12"W.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Number 15

This is a wall-hanging relief piece titled "number 15".
The content is an upside down stylized heart in a pool of blood. This is the start of an approach to content where I'm trying to make use of heavily loaded symbols, but present them in a way to communicate something new. The materials are similar to the art in my last blog entry, in that it has a high-gloss finish and acrylic jewels. I like how this piece has both a "modern" and "old-fashioned" look to it. Although the content may be somewhat dark, I don't think the viewer would find it gruesome.

Wood, acrylic, Sculpey, plaster, epoxy
15"H. 12"W.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The facade of the visitor

Talisman series #14 - The facade of the visitor"
This is a variation on an earlier piece I did the shield of the visitor.
It is a mixed media wall-hanging sculpture. On this piece the whole thing is covered in a self-leveling pourable epoxy. It gives the piece a glass, or ceramic appearance.

Acrylic, wood, glitter, epoxy, bling, plaster.
14"H. 10.5"W.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crucifetish # 2, 3 & 5

This is a series of wall-hanging sculptures I'm producing. They are variations on a theme. In this case the cross is really just something to hang paint on, a clothes horse for art materials. There is obvious loaded meaning to a cross that may apply to the end user though. The content does come into it when I combine the concept of "the Cross" and "fetish" although it's really just me being playful. I'm into mimicking the look of different materials on these; cast aluminum, leather, rivets, steel.

Wood, acrylic, glass, steel, sculpey, bling
all pieces 13"H. 9"W.

Click on detail images below to enlarge

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Number 10

This is another wall-hanging relief piece titled "Number 10".
It's content is the tension between a bird in flight and the static quality of it being frozen in a metal surround. In addition to that, the formal contrast between the bright red and the cool metal finish.

Acrylic, Sculpey, wood.
12"H. 9"W.

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